"ChiRaq 2 Brooklyn" ft Ruthy LeBron

NEEEEEEEEEEEW HEAT!! featuring my fellow Brooklynite and friend 
Ruthy LeBron ^_^ Get into it!!! 

Can't download on SoundCloud? →Hulkshare Link


"B*tch Like Me"

 I have a new single!! I know, I know, its been a minute lol but I'm really excited! Its being released this Saturday(6.28), so in celebration of my song titled "B*tch Like Me" I had a little photo shoot. hehehehe "B*tch Like Me" is for all my divas that are irreplaceable and one of a kind :) Its Rap, yes don't worry my R&B/Pop single is on its way, I'm working on it. In the mean time check these pics out!!